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Web sites

Home page

The very first step in creation yours вебсайта is accommodation in a network the Internet of page with the name of your company, very brief information on it and contacts. The first step - it most important, can be you already for a long time were going to go on creation of a site, but each time there were reasons it to not make. Today you can to yourselves it allow. You see project makes and you receive all characteristics of the large site: a name of a site (domain name) with registration for one year, accommodation on the fast server (hosting) for one month, and most important - make the information accessible to all.

Site - card

Site - card - as this term usually name a site with the information on the company, with the list of products and services, opportunity to download the price-list, to send the letter. The site - card ideally approaches for the companies, which want to place the information on itself and services in the Internet, and for the first time have confronted with a task of creation of a site.

Corporate Site

Information resource about the company, its goods or services. For greater информативности can contain the description of the goods and their cost.

The Internet Shop

The commercial application, which provides instant realization of the bargains through the Internet. The Internet - shop allows considerably to expand retail / a wholesale network, to leave with new products on the earlier inaccessible markets.

The Internet a Magazine

Information resource with a plenty of periodically updated clauses on one subjects. Involves the readers freshen also by interesting information, and to the advertizers is interesting by own base of the readers and subscribers.

The electronic Catalogu

The electronic catalogue, as in usual library, contains the most various items of information in the systematized kind and quickly provides access to the necessary information.


Is, as a matter of fact, Internet - copy of your firm. Covers all aspects of activity: distribution of duties and powers between the employees, departments and branches, duty regulations, conducting the documentation and storage of the information.Represents the mechanism of dialogue between your employees, partners, suppliers and clients. Considerably facilitates dialogue and raises a degree of service.

Other Decisions

Our company has wide experience of development of the non-standard applications for our customers as on the basis of ready components, and new. Cost of such development is discussed separately for each concrete customer.
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