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After development and accommodation yours web of a site in a network we shall offer to you the individual circuit of his support and supports. Cost of support of the project depends on presence on it dynamic, that is frequently of updated sections, and also means of independent administration. If on a development cycle web of a site the customer has decided to create system of independent administration of a site, the support and support of a site by forces of our studio can practically not be required, as on the site the mechanisms will be realized which will allow you independently to update the price-lists and catalogues of the goods, news and questions.

Depending on the listed factors we shall offer you or to rise on user's service, or to use common single updating of a site. In the first case, we determine the list of monthly works, which realization is necessary for normal functioning of a site and maintenance of a urgency of the information on it, and also monthly user's payment. Such variant will approach for the projects, for which the regular updating of separate information sections (for example section "price-list" or " news of the company ") is characteristic.

The second variant will approach for sites incorporating means of independent administration. In this case, the realization of separate works on change of structure of a site, addition or removal of sections, change of design and graphic registration is possible. In this case, you inform us, what works are necessary for leading, and we make for you the estimate on necessary changes.

In any case, for each project the individual circuit of support, optimum for a concrete case is offered. Cost is discussed for each project separately. Usually it makes from $ 100 per one month.
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