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Web site promotion

The site is only tool of achievement of your purposes, but if you it will not use, it will not bring to you the real profit. If you arrange presentation, you invite the visitors. The site is an effective presentation of your company, which as against usual alive presentation, gives completely unique opportunities: unlimited quantity of the visitors, absence of temporary frameworks.

There are many ways and roads to you, we shall specify the shortest road to your clients.
  • Banner advertising
  • Advertising on domains
  • Advertising on our thematic advertising platforms
  • direct-mail (dispatch of the offers, letters) on e-mail
  • The partner programs
  • Spelling and publications of clauses, reviews, press releases
  • Realization of the full scale PR-actions
  • Development of the original promotional materials
  • Use of non-standard tools
The budget on this kind of services depends on your purposes and can make both $200 per one month.
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