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Brand and firm style

According to the laws of business — ethics, each company should have the trade mark, and the firm style, which marks the company out of business-environment, surrounded it. The cost of works is from $ 500 for a standard set (trade mark, visiting card, form, envelope), up to $ 3,000 for the book of the firm style.

Graphics / Photo

This service includes graphics creation for the site, and/or the graphics animation, the existing images editing, photos scanning, and photographing. This is a creative work, so the prices may be absolutely different.

Web design

In our work we use the elements of your firm style, but, thus, we give individual style to the outside appearance of the project, which corresponds to your sort of activity and project purpose. We are always ready to offer you original and stylish variants of your Internet — project design. The budget for the web-design creation (the picture of the first page and the pages of the second level) without the pages making is from $ 500.

Web programming

We offer you to create the interactive systems and to develop the programming modules, which will allow you to effectively solve the facing tasks. The cost of the work of a qualified programmer is from $ 30 per hour.

Content management web systems

A control system is software, which allows to simplify and to facilitate the work on updating and changing of an information resource. The system includes a large variety of modules, which can be adapted to any web-design. The cost of such a system with installation into your site is $ 500.

Better words — editorial support

Quick-what's the difference between marketing and sales? And which does your business need right now? The pieces on this page should get your innovation juices flowing as you work to build your business or organization.
These 'big-picture' pieces could be adapted to cross the gap between where you are and where you should be. Just give us a call for ideas, proposals, or a good brainstorming session. Let's get you on your way!

Web Hosting

Hosting is the placing of your site on our server with rendering of all the necessary services. You can be sure, you will receive the most qualitative service and the most optimum prices. The cost of placing on our servers is T per month, the standard tariff plan is up to T per month for VIP-hosting.

Registration of Domains

The registration in the zone .com, .net, .org is cheaper, than it is at the official registrar, moreover you receive the domain free-of-charge by ordering the site or hosting! The domains in the zone .com is from $10 per year.

Web support

Operative updating of the graphic and textual information on your site, gathering and analysing of the statistical information about your visitors and advertising campaigns, conducted by you, the creation of new pages and sections, processing and preparation of the texts for placing on your site, preparation of the press releases, placing and registration of the sites in the thematic catalogues. The cost is discussed for each project separately. Usually it comprises from $ 100 up to $ 800 per month.

Web site promotion

The site is only the tool for achieving your aims, but if you do not use it, it will not bring you the real profit. If you arrange a presentation, you invite the quests. The site is an effective presentation of your company, which, in contrast to the usual active presentation, gives completely unique opportunities: i.e. unlimited quantity of the visitors, the absence of temporary frameworks. The budget on this kind of services depends on your aims and can be both $ 200 and $ 2000 per month..
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